Ettiquette and Guidelines

As someone who puts a lot into her work,... sometimes the lines between provider and friend can get blurry. My job is to create an atmosphere that you can get lost in your fantasy and I am good at what I do. Sometimes men get so caught up in this that they ask to date me outside of our "arrangement". I appreciate that you want to spend time with me, but I find it best to keep the lines between my professional life and my personal life separate. Please expect that all time spent with me will be paid.

I am a low volume provider who enjoys the company of regular and return friends. However, because of my busy lifestyle and the fact that I work a day job... I am by appointment only. Also... I am OUTCALL ONLY. This means that I come to YOU. No.. I do not have an Incall... and no... I won't be getting one soon. My home is my sanctuary... and it is sacred to me. Be aware though.. I do not do cheap hotels, truck stops, porn shops, sex clubs or car dates... I prefer to keep it classy... besides those are all high risk areas.. and I prefer we are both as safe as we can be. I will only visit decent neighborhoods, or medium to high end hotels.

Discretion is a vital quality in a professional provider. Unless you are on my "Text List" I will never call or text you without your prior knowledge. I try to respond within two hours of your text to me. If you'd like to be on my "Text List", I send out daily reminders about my availability along with a sexy photo. "Text List" friends get first consideration for booking.


I do not discuss my services... period. They are very well explained on my site, and certain details are left to mystery on purpose. It is part of the Ellie Experience. Please do not ask about my services. I will only remind you once.. and then I will terminate our conversation. This rule is vital for everyone's safety. I do not negotiate sex for money... please don't ask. Like any date.. use your social skills and see what happens. Any physical contact between us should be considered contact between consenting adults and is not a part of our agreement.

I only see one client at a time, no duo's or groups, and no couples. I am currently not taking assignments with females at all as I am only just beginning to explore my bisexuality.

Consent is sexy. I will ask your permission before I touch you, and I expect you to do the same

Any Bare contact will have you banned from ever seeing me again.

I do not use drugs of any kind, I will not trade drugs for services. Do not ask.... this is a red flag and will terminate our conversation. I prefer that YOU not use drugs during our time together.

Unless we're meeting for drinks before our session, I do not drink alcohol during our session. If you'd like to provide some kind of refreshment an unopened bottle of water is always appreciated. I do not mind if you drink during our session but if you are visibly intoxicated, I will end our session.

I am not a kink provider. I do not do pain, poop or pee. This is not negotiable.


Prepare for our time as you would for any date, shower and brush your teeth and use mouthwash (especially if you're a smoker) . A fresh smelling, clean smelling body is a turn on... and knowing you made the effort for me makes me super hot... and that is something you WANT

Because of the nature of my lifestyle, I am tested frequently. If you're sexually active with more than one partner... you should be tested frequently as well. Friends who are frequently tested are also a serious turn on for me...