Sessions and Rates

Your first time with a provider can be nerve wracking, and you're tempted to ask a lot of questions. Please observe my "I don't discuss my services" rule. I've given a fair amount of information here, you'll have to trust the rest to serendipity. Believe me.. no one leaves disappointed.... give the Ellie Experience a shot, you won't be sorry.

All Sessions should be considered PLUS EXPENSES.

Skype or Messenger Video Chat 15 minutes $25 / 30 minutes $50

Webcam sexy time can be fun... let me show you..... online payment is available through Paypal or Facebook Messenger.

Social Meeting 30 minutes $40 / 60 minutes $70

I'm very experienced in the non-monogamy lifestyle, as well as in safer sex practices, open relationships.. etc. Maybe you just need a friend to talk to. I'm a great conversationalist.. fun and flirty and friendly. This is a great ice-breaker to something bigger and better... and a great option especially if you're nervous about meeting a new provider. Social meetings often end like most first dates... with a hug and a kiss <3 .

Sensual Massage 50 minutes $120 After 11pm please add $50

Not available for Frequent Flyer Discount
Most first sessions will start out as a 50-60 minute sensual massage. You may be nude or dressed in briefs, I will dress in thin and light clothes for unrestricted movement and rub you down with coconut oil for a soothing hypo-allergenic and organic experience. My light caresses will soothe your body, and rub your cares away. These are great "get to know you" sessions and my light teasing caresses will drive you mad. Mutual touch is allowed with consent.

Sensual and Erotic Photosession ~1hr - $350

Have you looked at my photos and thought, "Her photographer is a lucky guy!!" (he is!!) I am an experienced erotic model both for photo as well as video (visit to see some of my work) I am comfortable working in sexy environments and can make your erotic fantasy come to life on film and SIZZLE..... and YOU get to be the photographer/producer. Let me seduce your creative juices... and the best part? You get to keep the photos!* Provide your own equipment/camera as well as location, or I have a hookup for location and a loaner for additional fee. This session is approximately 1 hour (photo time is always relatively loose when we're having fun)
*Photos are for your personal use only and are not allowed for sale or publication.

Companionship Experience Not available for first time clients After 11pm please add $50
$200 per hour first three hours / $800 - 4hrs / Overnight - $1000 / Full Day rate (10hrs) - $1800 / Multiple Day rate - $2000 per day

When you want more than just a massage. When you need a girlfriend or arm candy without the commitment of a traditional relationship.

Preferred Client Status

After your first visit with me, you get Preferred Client Status. You get priority consideration for booking, and you get extra perks<3

I offer Frequent Flyer discounts to regular clients for full service sessions. If it has been 30 days or less since your last visit with me, you can take $20 off. If it has been 7 days or less since your last visit with me you get to take $50 off.